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January 29th, 2007, 10:49 am


A raw excerpt from the upcoming chapter in "Lost Rhythm Rhapsody", the fanfiction that runs parallel to Heylin Nightclub. I'll be providing a nifty link soon to all of the projects related to the HNC and details on how you too can become a part of the project.

Lost Rhythm Rhapsody

Chemical Imbalance

Sharp steel shining; He looked at the needle, then to the woman holding it. Who did she think she was, coming into his club like this? He saw the clear liquid in the needle, and for a second, was curious… he spent the next thirty seconds shuddering at what could happen. His glowing contacts blinked in the dim blacklight, red, black, and red again.

“Fuck that, Wuya. Get out of my damn club.” He turned around to leave, to start spinning some tracks again. He didn’t need whatever it was she was offering. He was good enough on his own.

The woman smirked, and for a second Jack could have sworn she was giving off her own light. “But Jack, just think of how amazing it would be!”

“Yeah, your excuses were always lame like that.” He looked around for the nearest security officer, about to call one over.

Noticing this, Wuya decided it was time to play her trump card. “I can tell you about the man that saved your life.”

The pale young man went rigid, then turned around. A moment of weakness… “You can…?” Suspicion returned. “You’re a fucking liar. Get out.”

“I think not, Jack. You know I know, and all I’m asking is for you to try a little bit of this.” She waved the syringe around so that it flashed in the light again. “And I will tell you what you need to know. It would be as if you were winning twice, perhaps you could be worthy of the man’s attention. Worthy of those golden eyes…”

The temptress’s words were getting to him. He knew he shouldn’t… Something tugged at the back of his mind, a nervous twitch that told him he had forgotten something he should know, something was telling him it was all horribly wrong. The twitching, he finally managed to silence it by taking the needle. “Fine. Now tell me.”

“No, Jack. The Heroin first.”

His eyes widened at the needle, he swallowed hard. Someone had once told him the need of drugs was a weakness…



A few words came to mind, Lao Mang Lone…

And the needle plunged into his arm. He yelped a little, winced, then squeezed the device until all of the liquid was gone. No one could see them, no one cared. He didn’t even notice the rough, growling yell from behind him, a warning.

“FOOL! STOP— Damned child… You can’t turn back now!”

Nothing. “I don’t get what’s so gr—“ He swallowed hard again, and felt sick, as if the world was spinning, and then uplifted, feeling like a champion, like flight.

Wuya laughed cruelly, knowing that the boy was deaf to both her and Chase. “We warned you to forget about him, Yung! We warned you, he sent you the dream. But you just couldn’t leave it alone, could you? You just had to come and be the Dark Hero of the City, didn’t you? Well now… now we own him, Chase.” She hooked her arm around the drugged Jack Spicer, her sharp teeth flashing, oh so similar to that syringe. “He won’t get by without his ‘fix’ now.”

Chase sneered. “The boy will find a way out of these chains you have put him in, that he has put himself in. As weak as it was for him to make that decision…” The growl in his voice carried even over the pulse of the music.

“’S okay, I don’t need it… I don’t need you.” Jack said airily, pushing Wuya off of him. He didn’t appear to recognize Chase, even still. And then there was yelling, a commotion across the club. That robot, Jax, he always seemed to know when something was wrong, it sounded like another Jack making a commotion across the club. Chase wrinkled his nose at the smell of the chemicals… at the smell of what they were doing to Jack.

He’s had too much.

The swift Draconic Warlord caught Jack before he had even fallen completely. A little stumble, and he had read the path— The DJ couldn’t stand anymore. People around began to notice, focused on Jack, his body and various makeups glowing soft red, reflecting on dull bronze armor, forest-green hair. People called for medics, and Wuya was forgotten, fading into the shadows once again.

Jack’s face looked peaceful at first, sickly ecstatic, a false enlightenment upon it. And then it twisted in pain, cold sweat streaming down… Even through his thick clothes, Chase’s senses could feel Jack’s now Rhythmless, erratic heartbeat, too soft, too fast, too hard, too slow. He felt the jerking of Jack’s body, slight at first—

Every move was a hammer driving a nail into Chase Yung. This wasn’t supposed to be happening.

The Heylin Curse.

But it didn’t exist. He wouldn’t let it.

Even as Jax arrived, he left with Jack cradled in his arms, his glare to the front, to no one in particular… it was almost heart-stopping on its own, invisible lasers from intense amber eyes.

A clubber in snakeskin regailia walked to one side of Chase, her sillibant voice urgent and laced with optimism. “You have power. Use it to save him, I wouldn’t trust a doctor with this. Take his fate in your own hands. Think of what he will miss, what he will never learn, what he could become. If you forget the Curse it will be powerless.”

On his other side was a clubber who wore coarse fur accents on her clothes, her laugh was cackling, bitter. “Oh, just let him die. It was his stupid mistake to listen to the damn woman. Your help will only bring more misfortune on him anyway. Let him die and wait for him to come back… just like last time. Human toys always do reincarnate.”

He walked on, and whether or not he heard the clubbers as they faded into the shadows could not be told but for the flicker of deep thought showing through his stoic expression.

Let the boy die.

Make the boy live.

Make him pay for his mistake.

Let him have the chance to learn from his mistake.

Help him and Curse him.

Let him die and be alone.


The choice was painful, to say the least. Chase had for the past few weeks been blissfully unaware of the existence of Jack Spicer. But after an accident, he had saved the DJ, and the memories had jolted back, of Showdowns, fights, pitiful failures and yet the lingering image of a boy who never gave up. Once again haunted by the shadow of Nei’Pax’Dao, the curse of the Heylin, he only watched the boy… now a young man, really… from


psycho-ferret, January 29th, 2007, 8:59 pm

Can't wait for the rest ^^


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