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November 4th, 2006, 12:18 pm

wh00t! WE ARE GO!

Heya all! DeZ here! This is going to be one wild ride, and it has already! For the past few months, Cap'n Z, Ferret, Evana and myself have been running an RP on Gaia Online, the Heylin Nightclub. Since I found this site, I decided we need our own webcomic, because I need to practice if I ever want to be a manga-ka, and slowly but surely the HNC posse wants to take over the world. This step five. Or four... I can't remember...

Anyway, here's the dramatis personae (because I do so love typing out lists... and dramatis personae sounds so cool):

Jack Spicer(played by DeZ): The HNC's quirky, rave-loving savant owner who is certain he's the coolest thing around. A shameless flirt and a manwhore. Grown up quite a bit since the Xiaolin Showdown Series.

Good! Jack/Jacob(played by Cap'n Z): Jack, only, not-so-Heylin and very happy... in a creepy sort of way. Jack's partner-in-crime and just about everything else. Does he have any modesty? Survey says NO. In-The-Closet Pervert.

Robo Jack/RJ(Played by Ferret): Jack's robotic twin, also somewhat grown up through self-modification. Incredibly arrogant and sarcastic, and at first seems to have a mean-streak towards Jack, and a particular liking for the seemingly innocent GJack.

Chase Yung(Played by Evana): Great and powerful Elder Heylin Warrior Chase Yung was invited to work at the club, by who else but Jack? His actual reasons for coming were clear... get away from drinking, partying Elder Heylin Xio and Wuya.

Layla Pedrosa (Played by LayLay) and Raimundo Pedrosa(Played by Mint (or Hitoshi... wotevah): Twins from Rio! These two Brazilians (Raimundo being a City defender and Layla being a habitual cosplayer) freaquent the club. Raimundo often flirts with Jack, and Layla often flirts with Jacy.... is there some sort of pattern here...? Do not give them chocolate.

Knight Murama and the other Murama Siblings(played by Knight): The Murama siblings-- Knight, Skull, Spaz and Valkirie-- freaquent the club, lead by Knight. For some reason, they tend to hate Jack, and all of them aspire to be accepted into the Heylin posse. Knight just loves his majore Kaida the barmaid.

{More to come, Luvs~}


Wolfie, November 15th, 2006, 6:24 pm

Soon, the world will belong to those of the HNC! BUAHAHAHAHAHA!.... -cough-..... and maybe it'll belong to Fred the kitten, aswell... >.>

And what about Calik?... ;-;

psycho-ferret, November 18th, 2006, 5:04 pm

i love you dezaronie

because thats a cool new nick name..

like macaronie?

only..that looks wrong..



Laylay, November 18th, 2006, 9:27 pm

ILU Dez! And this comic ^^

I cannot wait for the world to be the HNC's! ALL OURS! *evil lughter* OK, that's over doing it... *coughs a bit when hearing crickets. I swear they follow me everywhere I go!

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